The Reporting and Assessment team ensure the accountability of the PRI and its signatories. Find full details of the Reporting and Assessment process in the Report section.

Signatories are required to report on their responsible investment activities through the Reporting Framework. This allows them to:

  • demonstrate to stakeholders and the public how they incorporate ESG issues;
  • understand where their organisation sits in relation to local and global peers;
  • learn and develop year-on-year.

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The Report on Progress showcases the progress and activities of the signatory base as a whole, aggregating responses from signatories with practical case studies to illustrate their activities. Download the Report on Progress 2015.

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Transparency Reports show a signatory’s responses to the Reporting Framework, and are made publicly available on the PRI website. You can view Transparency Reports on a signatory’s profile in the Signatory Directory, or on the Explore page.

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Assessment Reports demonstrate how a signatory has progressed in its implementation of the Principles year-on-year and relative to peers. It is up to individual signatories whether to share their report to demonstrate performance or keep it in-house an internal learning and development tool.


Mandy Kirby

Mandy Kirby

Director, Reporting, Assessment and Accountability

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Elina Rolfe

Elina Rolfe, Head of Reporting and Assessment

Elina joined the PRI in March 2015. She oversees the Reporting Framework and the production of signatory reporting outputs as well as the Data Portal and Accountability delivery.

Before joining the PRI, Elina worked at CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) Prior to that, she was supporting large international corporations in their climate change data collection and corporate reporting practices.

Elina holds an MA in Social Anthropology from Goldsmiths, University of London, and a BA in Sociology.

Thalia Vounaki

Thalia Vounaki, Senior Manager, Data

Thalia joined the PRI in April 2016. She manages internal and external use of Reporting Framework data including development of a new data query tool.

Prior to joining the PRI, Thalia worked at Asda on supply chain resource efficiency and climate change projects. She previously worked for Bouygues, advising on government contracts for carbon and water management, and developed numerical tools as a groundwater modeller at British Geology Survey. 

Thalia holds an MSc in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development (Imperial College London), a BSc in Environmental Sciences (UEA), and has audited classes at MIT on system dynamics, psychology and corporate social responsibility.

Alex Faulkner

Alex Faulkner, Manager, Accountability 

Alex joined the PRI in October 2011. He is responsible for the assessment process, methodology and Assessment Reports.

Prior to joining the PRI, Alex worked as an intern on the Carbon Action Initiative at the Carbon Disclosure Project. He has over five years' experience as a consultant in the oil and gas sector advising multinational clients including Shell, BP and Chevron on issues including site acquisition, due diligence and remediation. He has also worked as a researcher at EIRIS, ranking companies for the BITC index.

Alex has an MSc from UWE and completed his undergraduate degree in Biodiversity from The University of Kent.

Eva Gehres

Eva Gehres, Manager, Reporting 

Eva joined the PRI in December 2015. She supports the development of assessment outputs, particularly data visuals and usability. Prior to joining the PRI, Eva worked at CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project).

Eva holds an MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation (London School of Economics) and a BA in Geography (University College London)

Senita Galijatovic

Senita Galijatovic, Analyst, Reporting

Senita joined the PRI in January 2016.  She supports development of service provider reporting and qualitative data analysis.

Prior to joining the PRI, Senita worked as an intern for a consultancy focused on sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Senita holds an MSc in International Administration and Global Governance and a BSc in International Relations, both from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

Adele Ewing

Adele Ewing, Analyst, Reporting

Adele joined the PRI in May 2017. She supports development of climate-related and listed equity reporting frameworks and analysis.

Prior to joining the PRI, Adele worked at the United Nations Global Compact, focusing on corporate governance and corporate responsibility. She has previously worked with public and private organisations in the anti-money laundering regulatory sector.  

Adele holds a MA in Commerce (Swinburne University of Technology), a GradCert in International Security (University of Sydney) and a BA in Politics (Macquarie University).

Li Yang

Li Yang, Analyst, Data

Li Yang joined the R&A team in 2017 as a data analyst  and supports the development of the Data Portal as well as with data analysis. Li has a computing background and has several years of experience as a data analyst in the public, corporate and NGO sector. He is familiar with implementing new data systems, software integration, creating dashboards, process automation and data integrity.

Matthieu Angeli

Matthieu Angeli, Analyst, Data

Matthieu joined the PRI in November 2016.  He supports the development of Assessment Reports and data analysis.

Prior to joining the PRI, Matthieu worked in Paris and in London for leading financial institutions including Fitch Ratings and Bloomberg, serving as a Data Analyst.

Matthieu holds an MSc in Banking & Finance from the University of Paris II Assas in France.