Introducing the topic of responsible investment is a vital part of the PRI’s ongoing outreach. Our mission is to create a sustainable global financial system, and we are keen to let audiences hear our voice.

The PRI boasts a global network of responsible investment expertise that can add value to your event, reinforce key messages and enhance your brand.

If you would like to invite a PRI speaker to your conference or event, please make contact as early in your preparations as possible. Please fill in this form and send it to us along with a draft agenda and list of participants (where possible). The more information you are able to provide, the better we’ll be able to match a speaker to your needs.

You can read the PRI’s public communications policy here.

Gender Equality and Diversity (conferences and events) statement.

Martin Skancke
Andreas Hoepner
Maria Tinelli
Fiona Reynolds
Sagarika Chatterjee
Dustin Neuneyer
Maria Lettini
Tatiana Assali