PRI announces funding for research projects

August 04, 2016

The PRI has selected two projects from its first call for research, on the factors for success in corporate engagement.

The first takes a quantitative approach, combining data covering 68 countries, over 5,000 companies and more than 25,000 engagements over a period of nearly 20 years. The second takes a qualitative approach using surveys, interviews and focus groups alongside PRI, Hermes and Sustainalytics data, to identify when, how and why engagement is successful, including in the non-financial sense.

Each project receives £10,000 to conduct research. We believe that with these project we will be able to help signatories review and implement their engagement strategies more effectively. Findings will be published in 2017.

We asked for research teams that brought together practitioners and academics, international representation and diverse seniority so we would get established leadership, but also bring up the next generation of scholars by providing opportunities for PhD students.                

The projects are:

Inclusive capitalism: The impact of global shareholder engagements

  • Professor Elroy Dimson, Judge Business School, Cambridge University, London Business School; Chair of Strategy Council, Norwegian GPFG; Director of FTSE International  
  • Assistant Professor Oğuzhan Karakaş, Boston College
  • Associate Professor Xi Li, London School of Economics and Temple University
  • Vaska Atta-Darkua, PhD student, Judge Business School, Cambridge University                      

How institutional investors' collective engagement on ESG issues create value for investors and corporations: A configurational analysis

  • Professor Jean-Pascal Gond, Cass Business School, City University
  • Dr Rieneke Slager, Nottingham University
  • Dr Michael Viehs, Engagement Professional, Hermes EOS
  • Dr Niamh O’Sullivan, Associate Thematic Analyst, Independent Consultant
  • Mikael Homanen, PhD student, Cass Business School
  • Szilvia Mosony, PhD student, Cass Business School

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