Open positions on the PRI Private Equity Advisory Committee

London, 24 October 2016

PRI signatories are invited to apply for three open positions on the PRI Private Equity Advisory Committee (PEAC). The new members will join the Committee at the beginning of 2017 for a three-year period.
The PEAC advises the PRI on the strategy and execution of the private equity work stream. The private equity (PE) work stream was launched in 2008 with a handful of General Partners and Funds of Funds and today is one of the PRI’s most mature with over 250 specialised private equity managers and over 180 Limited Partners as PRI signatories. The work stream is at the forefront of exploring the possibilities of ESG integration within PE investing, working with other industry associations to deliver widespread impact.

The PEAC is composed of signatories that are demonstrating leadership in the implementation of the Six Principles in PE investing. Through this collaboration and expertise-sharing, the work stream can achieve maximum impact in alignment with the overarching strategy of the PRI.

For more information about the role and its responsibilities, see the Terms of Reference. For the list of current PEAC members, click here.
Applicants are asked to submit their interest to Natasha Buckley, manager of the PRI private equity programme, with circa 200 words each on:
•    Their organisation and its strategy/approach to responsible investment;
•    a short bio and an explanation of their role and how they engage with responsible investment;
•    a statement of interest on joining the Committee, including any thoughts on the future direction of the PRI private equity programme.

The deadline for applications is Monday 21 November 2016.