Making the case for greening institutional investment

November 15, 2016

During COP22 at the China Climate Finance Forum, the PRI launched a new Green equity investing  guide, which showcases 10 case studies of investors integrating green risks and opportunities. The case studies showcases Morgan Stanley Research, Citi, Standard Life Investments and Calvert investment across a broad range of investment strategies including passive investments.

As a global investor initiative representing US$62 trillion in assets under management, we welcome The Paris Agreement coming into force. We also welcome recent national policy updates, including France’s Energy Transition Law and China’s Guidelines on establishing the Green Financial System.

Together, these strategic policy signals help build investor confidence in policymaker action on green issues, providing a stronger foundation for greening institutional investment. We look forward to The Paris Agreement being implemented transparently.

Speaking at the China Climate Finance Forum, Fiona Reynolds highlighted the important role that China is playing to scale up green investment and welcomed the statements from China, following the outcome of the US election that they will be forging ahead with their climate agenda. China's leadership and policy signals are more important now than ever before, investors are looking for some policy certainty if they are going to commit the trillions of dollars needed to achieve the Paris agreement.