Industry experts discuss corporates and their pension schemes

March 13, 2015

The NAPF, the PRI, WHEB Asset Management and Carnstone Partners held an event at the NAPF offices on 9 February for industry experts to discuss what pension schemes and their corporate sponsors can learn from each other about sustainability in investment and business practices.

Two recent developments have fostered interest in this discussion:

  • The UK Pensions Regulator has been given a new statutory objective with respect to sustainable growth. This has prompted the question of whether there is scope for corporates and their pension schemes to work more closely together to deliver more sustainable outcomes on behalf of their members, employees and wider society.
  • Many UK corporates have implemented automatic enrolment, brining millions of employees into pension savings for the first time. A number of firms are now considering whether they can better align their stated corporate purpose with their pension offerings.

Full details of the discussion can be found in the summary document.

Speakers included:

  • Charles Nichols, Group Financial Controller, Unilever
  • Mark Walker, Chief Investment Officer, Unilever Pension Fund
  • Michael Deakin, Chairman, Manifest information services and trustee
  • Peter Montagnon, Associate Director, Institute of Business Ethics
  • Julia Rebholz, Group Sustainability Director, Centrica
  • Daniel Ingram, Head of Responsible Investment, BT Pension Fund
  • Inder Dhinga, Trustee, Lloyds Banking Group DC Pension Scheme
  • Lesley Alexander, previously CEO, HSBC Group Pension Fund and now Managing Director, Ferrier Pearce Creative Group
  • Helene Winch, Director of Policy and Research, the PRI