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Profundo is an economic research consultancy analysing commodity chains, financial institutions and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues. We predominantly work for environmental, human rights and development organisations in the Netherlands and abroad. Investors, media, companies, and governments increasingly use our knowledge and experience as well.

Profundo works for pension funds, asset managers, charity funds, wealth management, and other institutional investors that have the ambition to become a responsible and sustainable investor. With more than 25 years of experience, a strong reputation, and the acknowledgement of many leaders in sustainability, Profundo differentiates itself from other service providers through its objective approach and in-depth knowledge of societal problems and concerns of civil society organisations. Profundo tailors to the clients’ specific requirements. We offer several services:
- Responsible Investment (RI) policy evaluation and advice
- Development and evaluation of RI strategy
- Portfolio ESG analysis and risk assessment
- Impact investing advice
- Training and workshops

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