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Signatory Category: Investment Manager

Assets under management: AUM 1 - 4.99


Hunter Hall Investment Management (Hunter Hall) has been committed to the concept of responsible investing for more than two decades and was one of the first investment managers in Australia to incorporate an ethical investment policy into its investment process.

Hunter Hall applies a variety of responsible investment policies across different funds. The most dominant is Hunter Hall's negative screening policy which is applied to all our retail funds. We use negative screens to screen out stocks that, in our opinion, are harmful to people, destructive to the environment or cruel to animals. In practice this means no direct and material involvement in; armaments, tobacco, gambling, factory farming, logging of old growth forests, uranium mining and fossil fuel. Find out more.

Hunter Hall is also committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and participates in a range of sustainability-related activities. Further information can be found on Hunter Hall's web site (

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