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Signatory Category: Investment Manager

Assets under management: AUM > 50


Established in 1924, MFS is an active, global investment manager with research offices in Boston, Hong Kong, London, Mexico City, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto.
Our investment approach is driven by Integrated Research, Global Collaboration, and Active Risk Management. We seek superior outcomes through collective intelligence. We look for sustainable investment opportunities across the globe by integrating fundamental equity, quantitative, and credit disciplines into our analysis. Our investment professionals across asset classes and around the world are integrated into eight global sector teams in order to optimize collaboration and access to differentiated viewpoints. We operate with a shared belief that developing our convictions and staying true to them over the long-term gives the market time to reward our best investment ideas. Risk management is embedded in our investment process, it is not a separate component. As long-term investors, we look past short-term market movements and mitigate volatility by focusing on solid fundamentals and selecting investments that we believe can offer sustainable value through changing markets. With more than 90 years of active management experience, our results and investment expertise reflect an unwavering commitment to finding the best, most durable investment opportunities for our clients in the years ahead

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