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Assets under management: AUM 10 - 29.99


Gurtin Municipal Bond Management is an asset management firm with a singular focus on sustainable municipal investments. With proprietary research at the core of our investment philosophy and process, we’re committed to providing high- and ultra-high net worth investors with a diverse suite of municipal investment strategies that go beyond the ordinary. In addition to traditional laddered portfolios that aim to protect principal and provide consistent income streams, our solutions also include innovative separately managed account strategies and mutual funds with goals that range from maximizing total return to investing in bonds that finance projects with a positive social and environmental impact. Our quantitative analysis allows us to exploit inherent inefficiencies in the municipal market that we believe others often overlook, such as those related to callable bond structures. Meanwhile, our analysis of credit risk factors—which includes environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risk surveillance across all strategies—helps us ensure that all of our municipal bond portfolios are rooted in sustainable investments and are positioned to maximize risk-adjusted yield. By tailoring our municipal bond portfolios to meet the unique investment goals of every client, we seek to provide a personalized experience for both individual investors and the 100-plus investment advisors we partner with nationwide. It’s an approach that’s designed to make you feel comfortable in knowing that whatever your investment profile may be, we can help.

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