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Advanced Sovereign Bonds Research

21st century risks require new analytical frameworks. Issues such as climate change, demographic changes or resource scarcity generate uncertainties that impact political stability and economic growth.

Beyond Ratings provides financial research dedicated to the sovereign bonds asset class, with a global coverage.

We bring our clients a range of services that allow them to integrate new risk signals and broaden their investment opportunities. Our services are based on a powerful in-house research and a quantitative approach, covering a wide number of countries.

Our clients — banks and insurance companies, asset management firms, pension funds, and large private companies — use Beyond Ratings to enhance their investment strategies and carbon footprinting for the sovereign asset class.

Subscription Services
- Sovereign Risk Monitor
- ESG Sovereign Factor-IN Service
- Sovereign Portfolios Carbon Footprint

Tailored Services
- Portfolio Optimisation & Stress-tests
- Support to Internal Rating Methodology
- Custom Research on Countries / Risk Drivers

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