The PRI Academy provides CFA-accredited online training on how ESG issues impact company performance, shareholder value and investment decisions. The training is completely web-based, meaning that you can start and finish when and where you please: no travel, no pressure, lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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Courses feature content from international experts, real and hypothetical case studies and financial modelling. Every course is delivered entirely online.


Responsible Investment Fundamentals is a two to three hour training course designed for business professionals who want an insight into responsible investment. The course delivers the business case for investing responsibly and introduces new ideas to traditional investment approaches.


Responsible Investment Essentials is a 12 to 14 hour course focusing on identifying and implementing ESG factors into investment decision-making. The course uses case studies to illustrate the materiality of ESG issues in business, introduces strategies for identifying and managing new approaches to ESG risk, and demonstrates methods for integrating sustainability data into financial modelling.


Enhanced Financial Analysis is a six to eight hour advanced course. The course examines the use of sustainability data in fundamental investment analysis and stock valuation, identifying critical ESG issues relevant to sustainability performance, key value drivers, and overall financial outcomes.

Academy courses do not require any existing skills or knowledge, though candidates considering the Enhanced Financial Analysis course will get the most out of it if they have experience of financial analysis and responsible investment.


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